Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The design of Visual Communication understanding

on Tuesday, February 05 08 -
by: Rizky Andhika

design of Visual Communication was knowledge that studied the concept of communication and the creative expression, the technique and the media to send the message and the idea visually, including audio by processing the element of the graphic design took the form of the form of the picture, the letter and the colour, as well as his layout, so as the message and the idea could be accepted by his target.

The principle visual must be creative (original, innovative and smooth), communicative, efficient and effective, at the same time beautiful/aesthetic.

The term
1. Art of Grafis/Graphic Arts, including into the pure group of the field of Art knowledge.
2. Graphic/Graphic, was the matter that was linked with the article or the picture
that contained the meaning to send a message or information.
3. The design of Grafis/Graphic Design, the term that was used before using the design term of
Visual Communication, came from Greek words “Graphos” that was significant
“wrote/picture”. To anticipate visual communication world developments as well as his role
that were increasingly wide, then was used by the term: the design of Visual Communication.

The need of design Education of Visual Communication
1. Knew the concept of the design of Visual Communication as the Foundation of Planning/Desain
and the strategy communication.
2. Knew Desain Grafis (the design of Visual Communication) and the Rupa Language as the
Visual Data Information Processor.
3. Knew technically the principle, the process of technology informatika and the system of
management information.
4. Understood the element of the graphic design as the implement
effective delivery, efficient, communicative and aesthetic message creative in the
context concept-policy/planning/strategy and the implementation as well as the evaluation.
5. Understood the communication strategy, psychology and social/cultural anthropology.
6. Understood several new medias, especially the world of the media/space cyber as well as his
technique, that is: a. Animasi – Audio Visual (Mix the Media) b. Interactively the media and
web/website that normally is utilised to equip E-media and Mixmedia/Multimedia.
7. Controlled the concept of planning/the design of visual communication and the global
marketing in an universal.Menguasai manner the process and the planning technique/the
design that could anticipate perkembDesain visual communication was knowledge that
developed the form of the visual communication language take the form of the processing
ordered ordered for the social aim or