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the articel of vector

-definition of vector-

The picture of vector was the digital picture that had the mathematical equality as a base. The picture of the measuring generally vector smaller when compared with the picture bitmap. Several formats of the picture of the vector among them: SVG, EPS, and CDR .Picture the Vector united the line blank to become an object, so as the picture did not become broke out although being enlarged or reduced, unlike the Bitmap picture.

-definition of vector graphic-

The vector graphics was the geometric use primitives like the tip, the line, the line of the arch, and the form or the polygon (S), that completely was based on the mathematical equality, to symbolise the comparison in the computer graphics. The vector graphics the format matched each other to raster graphics, that was the picture of the comparison as the display pixels, when usually was used for the picture of the photographic comparison. [1] had the incident if working with the vector implement and the format was the best exercise, and the incident if working with raster the implement and the format were the best exercise. There was time if the two formats were united. The understanding of the profit and the limitations respectively technology and relations between them most possibly produced the efficient and effective use the implement.

Generally, in the world of our graphic design could distinguish two ranah big the style of the design, that is the based design vector (vector based design) and the based design bitmap (bitmap based design). Why must have the distinction of this kind? Possibly you asked thus. His reason was, because indeed software the available design used system that was different be based on two categories above.

The based design vector used the mathematical calculation in decisive put forward objects of the compiler of a design. This mathematical calculation covered various of the compiler's parameters of an object, like the position of the co-ordinate, thick thin him the outside line (outline), the colour of the contents (fill) the object and various other parameters. So as to carry out the editing against the object of the same design meaning that by editing his compiler's parameter. As his consequences, the based design vector had the superiority. You could change the form, the measurement and various other parameters freely without worried the decline in the quality will happen picture and the quality printed. You will find picture that always sharply, clear, and good to the object of the based design vector. The characteristics of the design vector that always was seen sharply this was mentioned with the free resolution (resolution independent).
Vector more was suitable to make the object of the design have the shape of geometric, like the box, the circle, the ellipse and polygon. But relative was difficult to make the design with the texture of the complex, like to this photograph.

The picture bitmap and the picture vector

the design vector more often was used to make designs that stressed in soliditas the form and the colour, as well as measurement flexibility, like the design of the logo, letterhead, the cartoon et cetera.

To be able to make the design vector, you must use software the design vector, there is heterogenous the choice that could be used, like Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, Corel Draw et cetera. From however many software the processor vector, the graphic designers tended many that chose Adobe Illustrator as software the processor vector. This because of various consideration, like the capacity, facilities, fitur, and kompabilitas that was offered by the illustration program of the giant's output software Adobe, Inc. and the others, already since long before Adobe Illustrator had been known to be wide.

In professional the design as software the illustration (the design vector) the number of one in the world.

-The use of the vector design-

The matter what pushed someone wanted to study something was the use concerning this. So also when you wanted to study the design vector, definitely crossed in your marrow, whether the benefit studied this one expertise? Along with was several matters that could be received from the design capacity vector:
  1. The design vector often was used to make designs that needed soliditas the form, the colour, and measurement flexibility, like the logo and letterhead. By controlling the design vector, you will be more well-off in drafting, making or editing the design of the logo, letterhead et cetera. Planning and the production of the logo were one of the certain creative works will be met by you when being active with the world of the graphic design.
  2. The design vector enabled you to more explored the capacity in making the form, chose the colour, arranged the layout (layout), and various elements of the foundation of the other design. Increasingly often you trained made the design vector, increasingly skilled also you in making a design.
  3. The design vector enabled you to put forward the identity yourself personally in the work of the design that was done by you. Why was like this? This because of a design vector was an object of the illustration, available two illustrations that really could be the same. The touch artistic the designer will behind be very strong coloured. the object vector relevant. So, we can identify a work with the designer's certain noose. Here place to show your identity.
  4. The design vector enabled the existence of the exploration towards the form and elements of the design that in case could not be found in the editing of the image bitmap. An illustration gave someone the designer of the freedom to form and edit him, in accordance with the imagination and the technique that were owned by him. The available limitation only the matter of creativity.

The design vector enabled you to create the original work that was typical with the personal touch. This the best reason why you must consider to work through the design vector. Because of going through you can show your design to the world who you in fact.. OK!!

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