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graphic design

The definition of the Graphic design: was one of the forms of the painting (the picture) the application that gave the freedom to the designer (the designer) to choose, created, or arranged the element of the form like the illustration, the photograph, the article, and the line on a surface with the aim to be produced and communicated as a message. The picture and the sign that was used could take the form of typography or the other media like the picture or fotografi.Desain graphic generally was applied in the world of advertising, packaging, the film industry, et cetera.

There were several leading figures stated his opinion about the graphic design that I took from the site

According to Suyanto the graphic design was defined as ” the application from art skills and communication for the requirement for the business and industri“. These applications could cover advertising and the sale of the product, created the visual identity for the institution, the product and the company, and the graphic environment, the design of information, and visually completed the message in the publication.

Whereas Jessica Helfand in the site the graphic design as the combination of words and the picture, figures and the graph of the complex, photographs and the illustration that needed special thinking from an individual that could unite element-eleman this, so as they could produce something that was special, very useful, startling or subversive or something that was easy to be remembered.

According to Danton Sihombing the graphic design employed various elements like marka, the symbol, the verbal analysis that was visualised through typography and the picture was good technically photography or the illustration. These elements were applied in two functions, as visual equipment and communication equipment.

According to Michael Kroeger visual communication (visual communication) was the theory exercise and the concepts through terma-terma visual by using the colour, the form, the line and alignment (juxtaposition).

Warren in Suyanto memaknai the graphic design as a translation from the idea and the place in several structural and visual place kinds. Whereas Blanchard defined the graphic design as a communicative art that were connected with the industry, art and the process in producing the visual picture to all the surfaces.

The category of the Graphic design:
the graphic design was distinguished to several categories:
1. Printing (the Printing House) that contained the design of the book, the magazine, the poster, booklet, leaflet, flyer, the pamphlet, advertising, and the other similar publication.
2. Web Desain: the design for the page web.
3. The film including CD, DVD, CD multimedia for the promotion.
4. The identification (the Logo), EGD (Environmental Graphic Design): was the professional design that included the graphic design, the design of the architect, the design of the industry, and the garden architect.
5. The design of the Product.

The category software of graphic design:

1. The application of Layout:
this Program was often used for the need of the production of the brochure, the pamphlet, booklet, the poster, and so on that was similar. This program could arrange the appointment of the text and the picture that were taken from the other program (like Adobe Photoshop).
That including in this group was:
- Adobe FrameMaker
- Adobe In Design
- Adobe PageMaker
- Corel Ventura
- Microsoft Publisher
- Quark Xpress

2. The application of Vektor
that including in this group could be used to make the picture in the form of the vector/the line so as often was acknowledged as Illustrator Program. All the object that was produced took the form of the combination of several lines, both took the form of the straight line and the arch. The application that including in this group was:
- Adobe Illustrator
- Beneba Canvas
- CorelDraw
- Macromedia Freehand
- Metacreations Expression
- Micrografx Designer

3. The application of Pixel
that including in this group could be made use of to process the picture/the manipulation of the photograph (the photograph retouching). It was fake that the object that was processed in progam-program this was regarded as the combination of several points/pixel that had the density and the certain colour, for example, the photograph. The picture was in the photograph formed from several collections pixel that had the density and the certain colour. Nevertheless, the program that including in this group also could process the text and the line, but dianggapa as the collection pixel. The object that was imported from the program of the vector processor/the line, after being processed with the processor program pixel/the point will automatically be converted to the form pixel/the point. That including in this application was:
- Adobe Photoshop
- Corel Photo Paint
- Macromedia Xres
- Metacreations Painter
- Metacreations Live Picture
- Micrografx Picture Publisher
- Microsoft Photo Editor
- Wright Image

4. The application of Film/Video
that including in this group could be made use of to process the film in various format sorts. Giving of the title of the text (like karaoke, the text of the translation, etc.) also could be processed used this program. Generally, giving of the special effect (special effect) like the explosion voice, the whizzing of bullets, the wave, et cetera could be also made use this application. That including in this category was:
- Adobe After Effect
- Power Director
- Show Biz DVD
- Ulead Video Studio
- Element Premier
- Easy Media Creator
- Pinnacle Studio Plus
- WinDVD Creater
- Nero Ultra Edition

5. The application of the Multimedia
that including in this group usually was used to make a work in the form of Multimedia contain the promotion, the appearance of the company, and that of this kind and was packed in the form of CD and DVD. Multimedia this could contain the film/movie, animasi, the text, the picture, and the voice that dirancan in such a way as ordered that was sent more interktif and interesting. That including in this group was:
- Macromedia Authorware
- Macromedia Director
- Macromedia Flash
- Builder Multimedia
- Ezedia
- Hyper Studio
- Ovation Studio Pro.

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